Today’s Promotions

Direct-Jewelry is the direct to consumer internet portion of a 25 year old jewelry manufacturer.

We’re currently trying to grow our sales on, so we’ve decided to offer discounts on select products. All of our products:

  • Beautiful complimentary gift box with purchase
  • Made in New York City, USA
  • Only 100% natural gemstones and diamonds
  • Genuine 14 Karat Gold

Current Promotion:

Date of Promotion: 8/13-8/14
30% Off Coupon Code = DJEARS11
Normal Price=$79.99
Price with Coupon=55.99!

Garnet, January – 14k White Gold Pear Garnet Bezel Lever-back Earrings

Aquamarine, March – 14k White Gold Pear Aqumarine Bezel Lever-back Earrings

Blue Topaz, December – 14k White Gold Pear Blue Topaz Bezel Lever-back Earrings

Peridot, August – 14k White Gold Pear Peridot Bezel Lever-back Earrings

Emerald, May – 14k White Gold Pear Ruby Bezel Lever-back Earrings

Ruby, July – 14k White Gold Pear Ruby Bezel Lever-back Earrings

Citrine, November – 14k White Gold Pear Citrine Bezel Lever-back Earrings

White Topaz, April – 14k White Gold Pear White Topaz Bezel Lever-back Earrings

Sapphire, September – 14k White Gold Pear Sapphire Bezel Lever-back Earrings 

Amethyst, February – 14k White Gold Pear Amethyst Bezel Lever-back Earrings

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